Origins Of Clans

The most famous Buchanan is probably the poet and protestant reformer, George Buchanan, born in Stirlingshire in 1506. After travelling abroad, he became classics tutor to the young Mary, Queen of Scots. He was not, however, a supporter of Mary but did become tutor to her son, James IV and is credited for his King’s later considerable academic prowess James Buchanan was the 15th president of the United States. The title became hereditary and, since the family still has this title,they have precedence in Scotland over all but the royal family.

We are based in Scotland with our base being in Alloway, only about half a mile from the birthplace of one of Scotland's most famous sons, Robert Burns. The main objective of this site is to update and inform any person who is wishing to trace their Scottish or Celtic Heritage of the origins of their clan, if they have one, some historic knowledge of their clan, their clan motto and clan crest where available. We have researched all that is on this site to the best of our abilities and everything is as accurate as possible. We would like, in fact would actively encourage, any clan member, or chief to contact us with information on their clan and if there is a web-site available we will place it in our "Links" page for all to be able to access it.

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