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Believed to be derived from the words bailie or baliff, although it is belived by some, possibly incorrectly, that it was derived from Baliol. In Latin, a baiulus was a steward and when the word passed to Old French as bailli, this translates as ballif. It appears that a bailie was a local government officer in Scotland which had the equivalent standing as a member of an English county or borough council, next in status to the Mayor (an alderman). It appears that there was one of the first recordings of this in Lotian in the early 1300's.

It seems that the Baillies were Border lairds for hundreds of years and the name has been more prominent in the south. Colonel James Baillie, who was the Member of Parliament for Inverness, married Nellie Lisa Bass in 1894 and the title of Baron Burton came to the Dochfour family. If telephoning and we are not available, we have an answering machine and if you leave your contact details we will get back to you timeously.