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There are many Internet sites and other forms of publications that are dedicated to importing information on Scottish clans, their structure and their history etc. We have, where possible, the crest of the clan, its motto, its Gaelic name and some clan information.
Unfortunately with clan history there are many inconsistencies with some information found on the Internet and in other publications. This site is set up to give you information that is well researched and therefore as accurate as possible. Due to the many differing accounts etc., it is advised that if the readers require to purchase tartans, they refer to the woollen mill that they are going to purchase from as tartans differ from small thread amounts to large pattern differences.
This site is very much a work in progress. We decided to start the clans alphabetically but if you require information about a clan not yet mentioned, please drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to assist you the best we can. We are also looking into Lesbian Clans and the Gay community in both Scotland and the UK as a whole.
We would invite all clan members to participate in this site. We would actively encourage any clan society to contact us with any information that they wish to have imparted about their clan on this site. We would also place an entry in our links page for teh benefit of all of our readers.
If you require to trace your family roots there are many professional sites that can do this for you. Please visit our link partners to see a selection of these. All that is left to say is that I hope you enjoy surfing our site and good luck to you if you are tracing your family ties.
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This is a public information site which is in no way meant to represent any of the views of clan members or their chiefs. This site is run by Glengall Scotland Limited , owners of the site The Tartan Box and any click on the link above would be a welcome one. We stock many tartan & clan products in our shop.
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